I Think We Could Call This a Crabby Day

Well clearly it’s not my day. To the 4 of you who read yesterday’s post on search terms, we were robbed!

Today as I clicked on my stats page, not that I’m obsessive or anything, I glanced at the “search engine terms” section and was rewarded with this little gem:

“a picture of a doughnut on a cock”


The perv out there looking for a pastry covered penis couldn’t have searched a couple of days sooner?

Again, REALLY?

And since its crabby day here in chaosville, while I was fuming about what could have been search term gold, the phone rang.

It was the school secretary asking if D2 was home with me today. Uh, she got on the bus with D3 and she’s not marked absent. Did they drop her off at Starbucks?

Teacher error? I was told they’d call me back if she’s truly not there and that was 30 minutes ago. So it must be safe to assume she was in the bathroom when roll was taken? Do they not double-check these things?

It’s 4 below zero, I doubt she went for a walk!

Speaking of below zero, this is the song that started going through my head when I looked at the thermometer this morning. It may be the real reason I’m on edge.

I’ll leave you with the opening lines:

“Oh, it’s 40 below and I don’t give a f***, got a heater in my truck and I’m off to the rodeo.”

The biggest question: Why do I know this?


13 thoughts on “I Think We Could Call This a Crabby Day

  1. I really have to figure out how to see what people have searched for and ended up on my blog. Not that I could ever top “a picture of a doughnut on a cock”

    that is killing me.

  2. I hope it’s safe to assume that D2 has been accounted for ….
    Enjoy your crabby day ~~ we are buried under 2 feet of snow. There are times that Chicago’s NOT my kinda town. This is one of them.

  3. You know, they really shouldn’t have rodeos when it’s 40 below. That doesn’t sound wise. And what happened with your kid?? I wanna know that ending! Was she going to the loo? As for being crabby, that is my official role in life.

    • Well see, that was my thought too. Aren’t rodeos supposed to be in the summer? My kiddo was accounted for and said she was there when her teacher took attendance. She had no idea she’d been among the missing! Which is always good.

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