I’ve Lost Another One to the Dark Side

You never really see it coming with the baby of the family.

Sure, her sisters have been telling me she’d crossed over for a long time. There have been lots of “Mom, D3 did this or that” comments, but I couldn’t be persuaded.

I couldn’t face it if my sweet angel baby suddenly replaced her wings with horns. She always had a valid excuse that I was all too eager to embrace.

But this morning I got up a little earlier. Had cofffee a little earlier so I was more alert.

They were little things I wouldn’t have noticed in my usual un-caffeinated, barely coherent state.

Things like, even though she’d been up for 45 minutes, she didn’t have to pee until D1 was on the 5 minute countdown to the bus and was in the bathroom brushing her teeth. We only have 1 (bathroom not tooth).

This was followed by a small voice saying “Mom, I need to go the bathroom and she won’t let me in!” It was said with big eyes and a sad face but I saw it coming this time.

I didn’t fall for it. I called her on it and asked her why she’d waited until her sister was trying to get ready? Why she’d held it until the worst possible moment when she’d gotten up so early?

SG  chimed in with, “That does sound like something you’d do.” (He already knew??)

Her shell cracked, I saw it flicker in her eyes for that one second before she regained her composure and gave me a sweet, “I didn’t have to go until now”, followed by just a hint of batting eye lashes.

I held strong and told her to wait. I offered to do her laundry if she had an accident.

Oddly, once her sister was done, she didn’t have to go anymore.

Until D2 needed the bathroom to brush her teeth and get her hairbrush.



Then her coat disappeared.

“I put it right here mom. It was right there until D2 kicked it!”

“Sweetie, how did she kick it if it was up on the back of the couch?”

“Well it was there until I went to the bathroom.”

“If you were in the bathroom, when did you see D2 kick it?”

“Oh, never mind” (((eye roll)))

Wait, WHAT?? Did my baby really just roll her eyes at me?

That’s the point of no return. I’ve seen it before. I know this part. I know how it ends!

It doesn’t end well.

My baby retired her halo and I can no longer deny it. I can’t continue to blame it on the sneakiness of her older sisters.

There’s really only one solution.

A 2nd bathroom.

Oh wait, there’s another.

SG and I move to a guest house in the backyard.


3 thoughts on “I’ve Lost Another One to the Dark Side

  1. This is one I can totally relate to!! I have an only and when she entered this stage I changed all of my passwords to her name with 666 on the end. I haven’t reset any of them yet!! My daughter can take eye rolling to new heights ~ I think she has seen the back of her own brain. Have fun!!!!

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