Mix it up Monday – The Valentine Edition

Buster Brown Valentine postcard by Richard Fel...

Image via Wikipedia

Happy Valentine’s Day people!

I started off the day by disappointing my girls with their lame valentine presents. It wasn’t intentional but I think it’s probably good.

It’s best they learn that V-day doesn’t live up to the hype before they hit high school.

I also accused SG of buying me a card out of the gay section at the store. Of course after he left and I had some coffee, I re-read the card and realized I’d misread a key word and, shockingly, I was wrong. I thought it said something about putting the snake in his booty but the word was actually shake – with a ‘h’.  

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Not only did I have coffee but I had 2 double chocolate espresso cookies and now I can type really fast as well as see clearly.

Which brings me to today’s food post. I came across this little gem – Double Chocolate Espresso Cookies – online and knew it had to be our Valentine’s treat.

They’re in the girls’ lunches so I’m sure their teachers will be sending me thank you notes by the end of the week.

Enjoy your day! May it be filled with roses, chocolate and excessive booty snaking, I mean shaking.

PS – After eating a couple of these, I was able to write this post in under 20 seconds. Eat sparingly!

PPS – Please don’t think I’m homophobic. I knew the store where he bought the card has a large selection of GLBT cards that are mixed in all the rest. It would be just like him to pick up the 1st card he saw.




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