Walking in a Winter Wonderland & Freezing My Ass Off!

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There are times I love this gorgeous mountainous state we live in. When I look out our living room window across the valley and onto the snow-covered mountains on the other side of it and think, “Wow, we are so lucky to live here!”

Today isn’t one of them.

Today SG had to drive to the state capital for a meeting. Approx. 115 miles in a blizzard because he was told “weather is not an excuse not to attend”. It’s currently 4 degrees with wind gusts up to 40 mph, reduced visibility due to blowing and drifting snow and snow/ice-covered roads, and a sustained windchill of -20. A lovely day for a drive in the “extremely treacherous driving conditions”! Stupid meeting planning, unbending, can’t cancel because of a little snow, fuckers!

Luckily he’s not driving alone. There are 2 other poor suckers who had to go with him. I double checked the number of cell phones, hats, gloves etc before he left because you know, I’m a mom and that’s my job even if I’m not his mom.

Since my diagnosis I think, ok I know, that I’m extra neurotic about keeping him safe! I know that the best thing I’ve ever done for my children was make him their father. He has to stay well and be here in case I can’t be. So today I watch the storm move in, unable to see across the street let alone the valley, and I worry. Because again, I’m the mom and the wife and that’s my job.

The good news today is that our bus stop is across the street from our house so my overly bundled girls could wait until the very last minute to go outside. D1 was almost blown down the street as she crossed it.

Thankfully, for possibly the first time in recorded history, nobody gave me the “do I really have to” face when I reminded them to wear hats and mittens. D2 even took the initiative to add a fuzzy neck gator and D1 added the hood to her coat. D3 didn’t quite zip her coat. I caught it though and zipped her up. Though she won’t admit it, I’m sure she appreciated it once the wind hit her neck.

In the summer when I’m complaining about the drought and watching forest fires across the valley, will you please refer me back to this post? Good Lord, where’s the happy medium?

Anybody have 5 spare tickets to Costa Rica? I feel the need for a zipline over the rainforest. And a drink.


2 thoughts on “Walking in a Winter Wonderland & Freezing My Ass Off!

  1. Cell phones are amazing. You can track him, like an endangered species. (which he is- a loving, strong husband and father- not enough around)

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