RIP Little Man

Hamster in hand-cropped

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Wow, it’s been awhile hasn’t it? I’m not sure why I haven’t checked in. Maybe it was my one track scanxiety brain and not wanting to do yet another “cancer post”. Or maybe I was just lazy.

Or maybe it was the tragic death in our family.

I’m sad to report that our dear friend Buddy the Hamster died last week. I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you.  Don’t weep for him long. He’s gone to a far better place – under the yellow rosebush next to Ted the hamster.

And although he may be dead, he’s still warm in the winter air. We may be the only family to bury our rodents in soft chenille wash cloths. It had to be done.

He belonged to D2 and she was heartbroken. If a soft cloth made a difference to her, it was more than fine with me.  My heart broke a little with every one of her tears.

She was getting him out of his cage to take to the neighbor’s house to show a friend who was there after school. She was excited and then crushed in a matter of seconds.

Although you can’t replace the ones you love, I’m happy to report we now have a new member of the family. Digger the Baby Teddybear Hamster. No that’s not a picture of him in the corner. I have yet to get a pic of the little tiny guy.

My parents, upon hearing the tragic news, decided they need to buy us a dachshund puppy. Not exactly sure where that connection was made between hamsters and puppies but I think it had something to do with loving tiny animals.  I haven’t told the girls yet and I won’t until she’s in our arms. Or mom decides to surprise them.

They almost cried when we surprised them with a Wii, can you imagine their faces over a puppy?

In other news, my in-laws called yesterday and were concerned SG sounded tired the last couple of times he called them so they want to give us money to get away for a couple (or 3) days.

The only requirement to this fabulous gift is that we go without the girls. Man, I hate when we have to do things like that. Ok, not.

The girls will stay with my parents. Digger won’t get to go but I have a feeling we may come back from our days away to find another tiny pet.

I’m ok with that.


12 thoughts on “RIP Little Man

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. At least he’s now out of pain (was he IN pain?) and in a better place. A moment of silence for Ted. A fine fine rodent.

  2. wow. you have wonderful parents.
    i have three mini-dachs. mind you, the breed is short on IQ (and i’m being generous, here).
    sorry for your loss… i can only imagine the drama of finding your sweet pet… unalive {can’t say the d-word}.
    bless his little unbeating heart.

    have a blast on your little getaway. what an unexpected treasure!

  3. Please accept condolences. When our Brownie the hamster died, He was sent off in a 2nd Avenue Deli salami gift box- green felt and gilt. we”re classy.

  4. Losing a pet is awful. We had Spot the wonder cat for 16 years and had to take him to the vet for his final nap not long ago. My daughter (18) was absolutely devastated but the strength she displayed throughout the whole process amazed me. The vet was wonderful as well. Good luck with Digger and I can’t wait to hear about the new puppy. Have a fun filled 3 days with SG!!

  5. Both times our hamsters died, the tragic event mysteriously coincided with the only two times mormon missionaries have ever paid us a visit. Let me know if they pay you a visit.

    Enjoy your getaway…and remember to pack your thong.

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