I remember when I used to be in charge

I’ve lost control of my children. Or at least D2. She’s a sassy strong redhead so what did I expect?

This morning she was a little mouthy and in a very loving, if sarcastic, way I called her “sweet child o’ mine”. Which immediately made me flash back to Guns N’ Roses so I took it upon myself to load it up on YouTube and play it for her while she was putting her shoes on.

She hated it and let me know.

“Mom, that’s awful! Turn it off”

“No, I like it. Just listen, at least until he says sweet child o’ mine”

“Where’s your phone?”

“What the heck? Don’t walk over here with your dirty shoes on. What are you thinking?”

“Sorry, I couldn’t help it. That song drove me to it. It made me crazy and I forgot I had my shoes on. It’s dry dirt.” Because that makes all the difference.

“Why do you need my phone anyway?”

“I need to text grandma and tell her you’re irritating me. She’ll make you turn it off!”

“Yeah, good luck with that. Here, take it. I dare you.”

Dear G-ram (because we’re super formal) mom is playing an irritating song and annoying me. Make her turn it off.” Then she signed her little sister’s name.

“You know that’s not going to help you out right?”

“But she’s your mom. You have to do it if she tells you to.”

“Not really.”

“What would you say if I said that to you?”

“I’m old. When you’re almost 43 you can ignore what I tell you. Now go get your butt on the bus.”

“Fine, but when I’m old I’m not getting on that bus!”

“Deal. Love you honey! Have a good day.”


Now I just need to find the perfect song to be playing when she gets off the bus this afternoon. Suggestions?


10 thoughts on “I remember when I used to be in charge

  1. GNR – what great memories – I like to load it up when I drop off my junior high kids and blast it with all the windows open. I also head bang in the line. Needless to say they have chosen to ride the bus.

  2. Welcome to the jungle, the song, not my life @ the moment. I thought that’s why we had kids, to annoy & embarrass them! Enjoy!

  3. To get her moving in the morning AND to continue irritating her I recommend “The Final Countdown.” Really, any 80’s anthem will work.

  4. What did you end up playing as she came home from school?! Next time this happens, you should totally do a song that kids her age like and be rocking out to it obnoxiously. Then she’ll really have it in for you! I hear that Justin Bieber is something special….haha.

    • UGH! Justin Beiber is not welcome in our house. Actually we all listen to most of the same music so I’m not sure why she hated G N’R yesterday. My oldest loves them. She loves all things 80’s at the moment.

  5. It goes both ways, I assure you. Today, my daughter thought it would be hilarious to play “Surfin’ Bird” about a dozen times in a row. (Made famous recently by Family Guy…The bird is the word, don’t you know). ARGH!!! Now where is my Appetite for Destruction casette tape?

  6. My kids LOVE GNR and “Welcome to the Jungle”. In fact, Caro. plays it with one of her rock bands. Because D1 doesn’t like that, I can’t think what to play. I’ve been racking my brain for a suggestion. What did you play? The only one I can think of is Loverboy’s “Workin’ for the Weekend”. (The concert I didn’t get to go to…did you?)

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