Luck O’ the Irish Setter

Happy St. Patrick’s Day my friends!

This is the day my children (especially my oldest) turn their backs on their French/German/English/Nordic heritage and suddenly want nothing more than to be Irish. Even the dog rejects her mutt status and embraces her inner irish setter.

Her Irish eyes didn’t like the flash.
Me? I’m having chinese for lunch with a friend whose last name is not Finnegan. I have red hair (what’s left of it), I’m accepted anywhere on St. Paddy’s day.
Oh hey, as long as I’m sharing pictures today, check this one out:

These are some OLD pancakes!

I can’t believe I forgot to post this picture! I dug these out on my 5 yr cancerversary and had to take a picture. I’m not sure why the little plastic jumping bean made it into the shot. I blame D2. 

SG and the girls made these for me not long after I came home from the hospital the 1st time. It took so long to do each letter they were a little inedible by the time they finished but I didn’t care. I couldn’t bring myself to eat them anyway.

Oddly, they never got moldy or anything. They did break a bit but when your babies make you pancakes in any form you love them! Btw – I’m not a hoarder. They’re in their own little box.

In other news, my last surgery to remove a big ass tumor from behind my stomach was a year ago today. The surgeon was a real prick who suggested maybe the cancer had progressed more than we thought and didn’t hide his feelings that maybe I’d be “wrapping things up” soon. This was before surgery so I assured him once he got in there he’d see it was all just scar tissue and I was right. Bastard! A year later and I’m healthy as a (cancerous) horse! Take that you big jerk!!
On that note, enjoy your day everybody and try not to drink too much green beer because that can only end badly!
That isn’t a reference to a college flashback. Or is it? It’s blurry.

10 thoughts on “Luck O’ the Irish Setter

  1. “Wrap up things soon”?! What kind of a huge gigantic quadruple asshole says something like that?! Your dog is so adorable. Or drunk.

    Not that people get drunk on St. Patrick’s Day. And not that your dog is a person.

    • well it may have been “progressed more than we originally thought” followed by “well once you develop gleevec resistance, it can go pretty fast”….not that I remember it clearly or anything. wrapping things up was my short version. there may have been a point where he also told me to give up hope. tho i don’t think those were his exact words.

  2. O’Pup Pup is just too pretty! Closed Irish eyes and all 😉
    You know that Doctor’s ‘practice’ medicine. You’d think with all that schooling – they could’ve taken a course on bed-side manner ;))

  3. Your dog is so cute! Ours won’t even let us put a green bandanna around his neck. (he’s a little neurotic)

    Wow…cannot believe the doctor said that! How rude and oh-so-not-comforting!

    Love the pancakes! I wouldn’t have eaten them either!

    • Yu should have seen the dog in her party hat yesterday. (come to think of it, we didn’t have a party. wonder why she had the hat on???)
      I love the pancakes too!

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