Nothing is more Funk-Free than a science fair!

Hey, you know how I was all poor me and my life sucks on Friday? Sorry about that and thanks for all the nice we love you and you can do this comments. I love you guys!  No really, I do. Thanks!!! You all rock!

SG knew the BS was getting deep around here so Saturday he said:

“You know what we should do babe?”

And I said:

“Tell me, oh wise one, what should we do? Does it involve a thong?”

But nooooo, he said:

“We should take the girls to the Science Circus at the high school today. I’ll buy you tater tots on the way home! The thong is optional.” Do you wonder why I love this guy?

So we went.

And we saw these:


Covered in this:


And I got one of these:

I'm so cool

Could my un-manicured hand look more deformed and swollen? Yes, that’s a leg sticking out of the chocolate. I ate it anyway because that’s just how cool I am. I passed on the garlic baked mealworms. Even I have limits.

I was going to show you the picture of the dissected fetal pigs but again, even I have limits so I’ll show you these guys instead. Pigs that were allowed to go beyond the fetal stage. They were much cuter!!

3 wks old

And lest you think we’re uncultured swine. Get it? Swine? Fetal pigs and baby pigs? Oh never mind. Here you go:

Jealous yet?

That’s right my NYC friends, we have musicals here in the boonies too!

Act I – Family, genus, species, that’s the way it goes.

That's right - organisms!

Act II – Albert Swinestein the genius pig.

Do you sense a theme?

But wait! That’s not all the excitement. We also had this:

A laser show. Set to music!

I’m not sure if you noticed but the screen in Lab Rats the Musical was filthy. I think it might be because of this:

Diet Coke & Mentos

SG tells me regular Coke works better. I actually knew this already because of the ants in our driveway last year after he did the same thing. Minus the kiddie pool.

But wait, there’s more. This is a series of pics so watch closely:


Balloon, duct tape, skewer. Hmm.

10 minutes later

 Ok, in their defense it was more shrinkable than poppable and yes, I do realize that the 2nd balloon is a different color. D3 wandered off so I tackled D2 and took a picture of her balloon as follow up instead.

 Now in case you’re starting to think your pain via pictures will end soon, you’re wrong. If I get to spend 3 fun-filled hours, yes THREE, so do you.  Hang in there, it might get better. Or it might not.
Have you ever wondered just how big those little absorbent pellets in disposable diapers will get? How much they’ll actually absorb? Neither have I, but here you go anyway:
300x original size!

 If I had known this, I would have just bought 1 diaper each!

And in case you DO leave the diaper this long. Here’s a way to make your house smell better:

Ivory soap in a microwave


It will make your home, and everything you cook, smell like soap for up to 3 days. You’re going to go buy some and try this aren’t you?

Oh, you know how winter can get really really long and all the snow can get you down? Here, try this. I dare ya!

It was cooler in the dark

I asked SG how they did that and I think he said something about methanol or methane. I don’t know, I wasn’t really listening. He might have farted then mentioned methane. Hey, I’m not the one with the Ph.d.
Now, if I may, one more picture before I go: (like you have a choice)
The Science Circus was a gift that will keep on giving. Who can stay in a bad mood when our little potato head will soon sprout a little grassy hairdo? Maybe they’ll let me give him a mohawk.
PS – I did get my tater tots.
PPS – I have no freaking idea how I screwed up all the spacing in this post but it’s far too long to battle with anymore. I’m as bored as you are.

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