I am a badass!

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I’m going out with friends Friday and we’ve decided to be all hip and cool and go watch roller derby! I can’t wait. We saw an ad last night and I told SG I want to be a rollergirl.

He looked up from the grant he was reading and said:

“Um, no.”

Because he likes to crush my dreams like that.

“Well why not? They’re cool and I could totally do that. Do you think I’m too fragile or something?”

He just looked at me.

D1, on the other hand, gave me an eyeroll.

“You’ve had 3 major surgeries in 5 years mom. You’re not allowed to play roller derby! Deal with it.”

Whatever. I totally could if I wanted to.

In my next life, I’m going to be Cruella de Kill and I’m going to have a skull tattooed on my neck! Deal with that!

And you? What’s your rollergirl name?


8 thoughts on “I am a badass!

  1. i am going to be your kindly and fun next door neighbor. you will have to be in new york city because i refuse to move. ever.

  2. what did I tell you in my comment to the previous post. We both are ‘true fiends’ at heart.
    I too love the idea of roller derby. Haven’t decided on my name though LOL

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