Catching up & some friends you should know about today.

So, hi.

I’ve been too lazy to write lately but thought maybe I’d show up a bit today before my charming children get home early. It’s teacher conference week leading into spring break so I’ll be even more scarce.

And drunk.

There are things on my mind that need to come out my fingertips. Isn’t that a pretty image?

1st – I went to the roller derby Friday night and I no longer feel any desire to be a rollergirl. That shit looks like it hurts!

2nd – The little girl across the street (otherwise known as a great friend to D’s 2 &3) has head lice. She’s had it for 3 weeks and I’m trying to figure out how to politely decline invitations to play. We’ve been there, done that. Twice. I don’t want to go there again. I’m like a monkey double and triple checking them. I’m pretty sure they’re starting to get annoyed.

3rd – There’s some asshat redneck south of us giving away free guns when you sign up for direct tv. He’s gone national telling people all over that all households in our state have at least 24 guns. I need to go on record saying that’s not true. We only have 4. Three of them shoot marshmallows and the other shoots nerf darts. This guy needs to go away. Who am I? Fucking Sarah Palin? The answer to that is a resounding NO!

4th – I’m lucky. You know why? I get to hang out at the Boiling River near Mammoth (the north entrance to Yellowstone) with SG all to myself. No kiddos, no dog wanting SG’s spot next to me on the couch, and no stinky hamsters. The cool fact that we can just pop down to the Park when we want doesn’t go unappreciated. Also, hot springs hurt my feet because of the whole hand foot syndrome thing so this way I can stick my body in the hot part and leave my feet in the river. It’s sort of rocks. (Don’t try this with just any thermal feature in Yellowstone though – that would be called soup.)

5th – Did you know it’s Marinka’s birthweek? Pop on over there and tell her how marvelous she looks – and how young! It’s true, she really does. Turns out humor, and she’s one of the funniest women I know, is good for the skin.

6th – While you’re surfing, go over and congratulate Princess Mikkimoto on her recent wedding. I wish I’d have looked this beautiful on my wedding day!

7th – Have you been to movie in the middle of the day lately? If not, Wendi has an awesome post about what you’re missing!

8th –  Kelcey combines blogging for a great cause with cobra tweets. What could be more fun?? That’s right, nothing. What are you waiting for? Click the link already.

9th – I’m really hungry this morning but can’t find anything good in the house so Mmmm…..crepes!

10th – Turns out if you skip a few days posting, it’s gets easier and easier to put off. Kind of like sex. So, I’ll try to be better about it before summer gets here and I go MIA again.

Have a lovely day my dears!


8 thoughts on “Catching up & some friends you should know about today.

  1. Re item 2- when my daughter had head lice in grade 2, she gave an unusual response to the school nurse. It was along the lines of yay, now I can have pets.

    Item 10- I hope you mean you won’t put off blogging. I really enjoy you.

    • #2 – yay for pets you don’t have to pick up after. oh wait, there’s that nit picking thing. i HATE that! my girls have a lot of hair!!
      #10 – thanks! actually with my kids home all the time, I’m going to have a lot of get off my chest i’m sure.

  2. Hmmmm, I’m craving for crepes too. I think I have to get one today.:-) Better keep your kids away from the head lice friend of theirs. Head lice can be transferred easily and that would be a nasty problem getting rid of those.

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