My daughters, my friends

I had lunch today with a very good friend. She told me about her morning and the things she’s looking forward to. How much she’s longing for summer and about which of her friends she’ll miss in the fall.

My lunch date was D1. My beautiful teenager.

Her class was doing community service this morning which involved weed pulling and some other work at a local park. She has a severe grass pollen allergy so we arranged to have her volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House instead. She already volunteers there so it was simply a matter of arranging a weekday where she could do a special project or two.

That meant I got to pick her up during the lunch hour and take her for a bite before returning her to her afternoon classes. She was so eager to tell me what she’d done and about the tiny tiny baby that came in to RMH this morning. Then as we ate and chatted, she just kept talking. I loved it. There were no sisters to interrupt and I wouldn’t have stopped her for the world.

I watch in amazement at this gorgeous girl we brought into this world. I love who she is becoming. Not just because she is mine. I appreciate and love the person she is and I sometimes feel like I’m getting to know a whole new person. So different from the tiny girl she once was. I enjoy spending time with her!

I am so proud of her kind heart and compassion! Sure she taunts her sisters and gives me the occasional teenage attitude but honestly, that’s her job at this stage of life. She strong willed and competitive and fiesty and has the amazing ability to find humor in everything.

She is old enough that she is so separate from me, with much of her day that I don’t experience. Just sitting with her and talking, I truly felt like I was having lunch with a friend today, not just my daughter.

In a related note, it’s odd but I haven’t been as overwhelmed by little milestones as I thought I would be the last 5 years. I expected to meet each band concert, start of school etc with emotion and gratefulness that I’m here to witness each one.

Sure I was appreciative but it didn’t feel like more than what I would have felt ordinarily.

Until recently. Again it’s all D1’s fault.

She has her 8th grade “promotion” in June and was helping a friend with some planning details. She came to me the other day and said “Mom, will you help us find a good promotion song?”

Of course I said sure and we started looking over songs. As we poured over YouTube and the abundance of growing up, new stage kind of songs it hit me.

My baby is going to high school and I’m here to see it!

I was diagnosed when she was in 3rd grade. I had no idea then if I’d even be here to see her enter middle school.

But you know what? I. AM. HERE.

That should have been the name of my part 2 I AM post. That is where my life is. Not in that exhausted, depressing, wrist-slasher of a post I wrote on Wednesday!

In the shadow of that post, I felt like I wanted to also bring you along for the moments of pure joy and appreciation.

Today was one of them.


17 thoughts on “My daughters, my friends

  1. I read this post this afternoon, while waiting for my daughter to meet me at the local ice cream place after school. Fine, yoghurt. And it resonated with so much of what I was feeling. How wonderful those days are when everything is just right.

    • Please tell me you got the butter fat loaded stuff? This day was followed by a scary one Sunday. As soon as all kids are in school and nobody is home sick, I’ll post about it. Damn allergies! I hope you had a nice ice cream date!

  2. Here’s to many, many more lunch dates–with daughters, with S.G., and with friends! Your post makes me realize it’s time I made time to do the same with my kids…

  3. Oh boy, are you here! Is it just me, sitting alone, helplessly subscribed to attitude-schmattitude? Now I know where to find you again!

    • Here I am – i thought you knew. Check out the 1st post, i think i link to it under who am I. It explains the move. Hope you’ve been well!

  4. It’s funny how life and time just keeps moving on ..even when you feel it is about to stop. That is how it should be.

    .. just the clarity of knowing life is truly a gift and that every day spent enjoying it (esp watching your most precious, loved ones grow ) is one lesson this disease has given to you. But to go on with daily living is priceless.
    …And I’m sure you do have a greater appreciation of it.

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