I suck at secrets

New Dachshunds

So you know that big secret I hinted at one day when I’d actually gotten off my ass and posted? Yeah I know, that was ages ago. It finally stopped snowing and I got spring fever and lacked enough focus to write anything.

I’m kind of like my elementary age kiddos, but not nearly as mature.

Anyway, a tiny little dachshund puppy was my surprise. My parents found, and bought, one for us. I’ve had to keep it from the girls because she’s only 5 weeks old (as of today) so she needs more time with her mama. It’s been killing me!

I have tried so hard to keep the secret but then as usual I told a couple of people. Then I got nervous they’d accidentally tell their kids, and they’d tell my kids and it would ruin everything.

So I cracked. I told the girls after school yesterday via tiny tiny dog toys and a book on dachshunds.

They’re SUPER excited but also a little pissed because they have to wait until June to get her. When I explained that I told them early because I didn’t want them to hear it from somebody else and have the surprise ruined, D2 looked at me like I was the biggest moron ever and said:

“Well then you shouldn’t have been telling everybody in town.”

Yeah, whatever!


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