Hi! My name is Luna and I’m going to be coming to live with my new family in June. I’m sure you’ll hear more about me.

I’m hoping the current dog of the house doesn’t eat me. I’m thinking if I look cute enough she’ll tolerate me. It also might not hurt that I look a lot like what one of her puppies might.

So anyway, Hi – this is me:

Aren't I cute?

Good lord, did I really just write a post pretending to be the dog? This blog has clearly jumped the shark! I’m so sorry – I think the ridiculous cuteness did it to me.

PS – you know that post down below where I stressed about D2’s solo day? Well, she came home with a blue ribbon and comment sheet with a SUPERIOR rating!!! This is how I got cancer – stressing about things that usually turn out just fine! Don’t try it at home.

PPS – next scan is June 8th. I get the results June 10. Yikes!


9 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Aw, enjoy the cute new addition to your family! Love the name, btw. We have a cat named Luna, but more often we call her Tuna, which sometimes evolves (devolves?) into Fishy or The Fish. So yes, I have a cat named Fish. 😛

    P.S. So glad to hear about D2’s blue ribbon!

    P.P.S. Good luck with the next scan!

  2. My husband and I were just on the floor, playing with our gentle, highly energetic kitten. We are both north on 40. All right, fine, our daughter is 30. The point is that nothing gets you smiling like a new anything!

  3. LUNA! Glad you chose a name. Please tell me how she and your other tail-wagging, ball-loving creature get along. Enjoy!

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