Here kitty kitty

There is a 5 word sentence that strikes fear in my heart!

It isn’t:

“Annie, your cancer is back” – though that one sucks too.

It’s not:

“Your daughter is failing math”

Or even:

“SG is doinking his secretary”

No, the worst 5 word combo in my world is:

“Mom, I saw a mouse!”

To my horror, D3 uttered those awful words this morning when she went to the garage to get her rain coat. The very same rain coat that was hung nicely off the floor, on the coat hooks next to the door. Away from peering beady eyes and dirty mouse feet.

Those words were followed by:

“Can you get my coat for me? The mouse is on top of them!”


The little bastard was 6 feet off the ground sitting on the narrow board where the hooks are attached. I’m thinking the hanta virus carrying fucker climbed the big umbrella leaning against the wall.

The umbrella has been moved, the snowboots have been put into plastic bins and the traps are out. I will prevail. We have a gorgeous weekend coming up and I’m thinking the garage will be emptied and any little gummy babies will be purged.

In related news, my sister’s cat is pregnant. Coincidence?? I think NOT!




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