And on the 5th day I got my scan results……

…..and they were good.

Before the doc even said hi today, he looked at me and said “everything looks great”. I like that about him – he doesn’t make me wonder any longer than I have to.

Liver lesions stable, abdominal free fluid decreased, no new mets, blood work looked great. Everything we like to see!

Crazy busy week with the kiddos clear up to appointment time but it all turned out ok. The rest of the day was spent running around as well so I didn’t get a chance to update here. Sorry about that.

In other news, he prescribed a mild anti-depressant – for my feet! Interesting huh? My friend/neighbor told me it sounds like a great idea. She isn’t just an interesting person with an opinion. She’s an actual MD and she told me they sometimes prescribe this particular drug for nerve issues.

Weird huh? I didn’t know the reason my feet hurt so bad was because they’re sad but we’ll give it a try. Mellow-mama might actually enjoy summer vacation.


14 thoughts on “And on the 5th day I got my scan results……

  1. I’m a big believer in feet nirvana. The state of my feet can affect my entire mood, I’m not kidding.

    And YAY for good scan results! You go girl!

  2. So, we’ll all be anxious to hear if you have more of a perk in your step due to the foot anti-depressants! That plus new puppy ought to make for a happy summer.

  3. Yippee ~ fantastic news. AND I’m with Sophie. When my feet aren’t up to par …nothing is right. Hope the depressed tootsies get the boost they need to keep up with all the summer activities 😉

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