Oh right – I have a blog don’t I?

Well hi there! Remember me?

I’m the lazy ass chick who took a summer hiatus to hang out and do mostly nothing. Well actually that’s not true. I spent a good bit of the summer in the car running the girls to nature camp, soccer camp, volleyball camp, strength/agility camp, volleyball tryouts, volleyball practice, volleyball games, parent meetings, high school registration…you know, the usual.

Only not really. This summer was crazier than usual. The odd part? The oldest one who should soon need me the least, required the most work. I feel like we’ve lived at the high school this summer. And she’s only a freshman. Or today she finally is anyway.

As of 8am this morning I have 3 daughters in 3 different schools.

D2 headed off to middle school but was somewhat over shadowed by excess goings on at the high school. It still feels monumental though. She was only in kindergarten when I was diagnosed so any new stage for her is gigantic for me. It feels good! I’m proud of how confidently she faced this new phase!

D3 still has a couple of years left at the elementary school because, even though they’re only a year apart, her birthday fell just past the cut off date for kindergarten. She’s such an old soul I feel like maybe she should be the one starting high school but nope, 4th grade instead.

So where does this leave me? Alone. But that’s ok, because I have you guys right? If any of you are still around that is.

I have plenty to do. The kids trashed the place the last couple months. Well, the kids and the 2 dogs might be more accurate. So there’s that. And I should try to figure out how to write again. My brain feels a little foggy and I don’t think all of it is from the forest fire smoke.

Oh, and I need to walk. To get my legs in shape and try to rebuild some muscle because I did something really stupid, or maybe really smart, and signed up once again for a trip to Portland in October. This year I’m walking the 1/2 marathon. No more wimpy 10k’s for me dammit!!

The tricky part is that I spent so much of the last year feeling sorry for myself over how crappy I felt that I made things worse. I think it shows in my downer writing the last months. I sat on my butt way too much, lost huge amounts of muscle which probably would have happened anyway given the muscle wasting effects of Nexavar, but not to the extent it did.

I was so convinced I was sick that I made it worse. Yes, I felt awful and my feet were killing me and all my friends went back to work but that’s no excuse for me being such a buzz kill last year. I apologize for that.

This year I’ll try not to be such a downer.

Coincidentally, as I started to get more exercise and revive a little, I got an email from a man named David Haas who asked if he could do a guest post. David is a cancer advocate and the topic he was interested in writing about was the positive effects of exercise on cancer patients. It seemed perfect for where my mind is so he’ll doing tomorrow’s post.

I don’t think it’s only for my fellow cancer peeps though. I think anyone who finds themselves faced with tough situations in life will find his words to be a good reminder to keep moving.

So I guess I’ll be back on Wednesday to give my thoughts on that. Suddenly, I think have lots to tell you. Hope your summer was fabulous!!


5 thoughts on “Oh right – I have a blog don’t I?

    • Haha! Turns out my small happy pills made me not so happy but maybe I should have gone with the pizza sized one! 🙂 It should be an interesting couple of years.

  1. David got hold of me too – I decided against it as I want to keep the blog about me and my family’s posts but have said I will link to any good information he has.

    I find my blog is sometimes more of a downer than I am in person, so dont apologise you let yourself express some of the frustration and doubt here. I think its good that people get to see the real struggles we have as well as the joys.

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