Baked her cake and ate it too!

My baby girl turned 10 this weekend. That means I’m old because there are no longer any single digit kiddos in my house. Except the furry ones but they don’t count.

D3 is my fruit-eating girl. She always fruity sort of cakes but I guess this year, with the arrival of double digits, she decided for something a little more grown up. Instead of her usual caramel apple cake with lemon glaze or white cake with whipped cream and raspberries she had this:

no calories here!


Chocolate bundt cake with a dark chocolate mocha whipped cream frosting and because she’s still my little girl, fresh fruit skewers she made herself, in the center! Then she added candles spelling out happy birthday and “10”. (Please excuse the messy frosting.) I think it turned out kind of cool don’t you?

Yes, those are Doritos in the background. I HATE HATE HATE them! The smell makes me want to gag but it was her birthday so I dealt with it.

It’s what mom’s do. Right?


8 thoughts on “Baked her cake and ate it too!

  1. Ok, so first of all, my youngest turned 10 this summer and I didn’t realize that the fact that I no longer had a single digit kid meant that I was old. So, thank you for that.

    Second of all, can we do an arranged marriage for them. Because your daughter deserves a mother in law who loves Doritos.

    • Glad I could a source of enlightenment regarding your advancing age! The arranged marriage sounds great – as long as you don’t get too close and make me smell your Dorito breath.

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