That’s my girl!

On the ride home from volleyball yesterday I was giving D1 an update on her friends’ leukemia. She was quiet then this conversation followed:

Mom, he’s a good guy!

I know he is honey.

He’s just sort of there, you know? In a good way though. He’s not super popular, he’s not a dork or a jerk. He’s quiet and kind of in the background. Does that make sense? Because I really mean it in a nice way.

Sure, I know what you mean. He’s not as likely to be noticed but if you do, you can appreciate what  good person he is.

Yeah exactly. So um, about that.


There were some jerk guys in the hall today talking trash about him.


Yeah, they were saying things like he deserved to get leukemia. It was horrible and they were being so mean. There was other stuff too. Mom, they were making fun of him for getting cancer.

Not cool! What else were they saying?

Just a lot of other mean stuff I don’t want to repeat.

I’m sorry honey, that’s really awful.

It really was. So yeah, you might get a call from school.

Me? Why?

I didn’t want them to get away with talking like that. They don’t know him mom. He’s a good guy!

So why am I getting a call?

Because I screamed at them. They don’t have a clue mom! They’re a bunch of jerks and they were saying really awful stuff. I couldn’t let them get away with it! So I yelled. Kind of A LOT!


Then a teacher came out and she didn’t want to hear my side. Then another one came out and listened to what I had to say. Then he started yelling at the other guys and told the 1st teacher to go back to her room.

I dare them to call me. What you did was right even if maybe you didn’t go about it exactly the right way. I’d have done the same thing. If they want to call me and talk about you sticking up for somebody being made fun of for having cancer, let them. Thanks for telling me. I’ll be ready for them!

Thanks mom!


I love that girl!


9 thoughts on “That’s my girl!

  1. Sounds like maybe one of the teachers had a clue.

    Yeah. I hope they call you and you teach them some profanity they haven’t ever heard. Love you and your strong-spirited girls. They will change the world, thanks to you and Science Guy teaching them about what is important in life and what is worth fighting for. Giant hug to all of you.

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