Another scan done

Well another scan is over. I’ll get the results Thursday morning. It’s been my cancer screening week.

Yesterday I had a skin cancer screen. They took a biopsy from a spot on my shoulder then I promptly went for a 10 mile training walk and got a sunburn. How’s that for smart? Glad I did it afterwards instead of before. I’m sure I would have gotten in trouble.

The irony of getting a burn after a skin cancer biopsy kind of amuses me though. I guess I missed a spot or 12 with the sunscreen. Let this be a lesson to you. Learn from my mistakes people! Don’t. Be. Me!

I don’t know if it was my long walk yesterday or just nervous energy but I was so freaking hungry this morning. And of course, I can’t eat or have coffee before a scan so I went crazy afterwards.

We have this great french bakery in town so I went straight there from the hospital. I won’t even admit to you how many pastries I had with my 16oz. double latte but let’s just say I made up for the hours waiting to eat. And most likely the rest of my day.

Then I came home and raided D3’s birthday party pinata treat bag. I even ate the banana laffy taffy. I HATE banana laffy taffy but nothing is safe from me today. I’d go for a walk to get away from temptation but really, I don’t want to. I know there are Drumsticks in the freezer and I intend to eat them. Besides, my legs hurt.

How is it that when I know I shouldn’t be eating huge quantities of sugar, butter and caffeine, I do it anyway? Should I not be aware that given my history, and the fact that I’d just been scanned for new tumors, I should have gone to the local health food store and gotten myself a healthy smoothie with vitamin shots?

Given the fact that I burned myself post-biopsy, apparently not.

Maybe I just needed a day to say:

“Fuck it – The pictures are taken so I’m giving myself the day off!”


10 thoughts on “Another scan done

  1. First off, sorry for being MIA. I’ve been reading, just not commenting. 🙂

    And at that, my aunt that passed from sarcoma – she ate pretty healthy and never smoked or drank, but still got as sick as they get. Eff-it! If anything should happen, at least you went down (up? sorry morbid alert) eating, drinking the things you like and with the people you love.

    I’ll be thinking about you this week – I hope all is clear.

    In the meantime, enjoy those kids and family of yours, try not to think about it too much. 🙂

  2. I’m feeling good vibes off the candle …. so I’m predicting nothing you can’t deal with on Thursday (I don’t want to jinx anything). In the meantime, wanna share my Pringles?

  3. Awesome Another scan done « Lost in the Chaos site, really like it . I will spread the word about your site Keep up the good content, annie, very interesting.

  4. I’m late to the party since you posted your results, but I wouldn’t feel so guilty. It’s not as if it happens every single day.

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