Taking the FUN out of fundraising

Alright so I’m not a big fan of school fundraising but hey, at least I get some nice wrapping paper out of the deal. Or a pizza kit, or chocolate.

But last week D1 brought home some forms for a fundraiser for volleyball. You know what it involves? Nothing.

People get nothing. We ask for cash, if we’re lucky they say no, if not they say go to hell. She’s supposed to bring in a minimum of 10 donations and a minimum of $100.  They are saying they won’t accept less than 10 donations. Guess what? It’s not going to happen.

We will write a check for 1 donation of $100 even though we don’t really have it because nobody else has excess cash to just give away either. We won’t let her go asking for money without offering something in return.

Is it just me or is that a crappy message to send out there?

I feel like the kids should learn a better lesson than that. Sure selling things is hard but it’s a give and take. They learn that they have to work a little for their money.

This way all they learn is to expect cash for doing absolutely nothing.

I’m thinking most kids are already pros at that!

In other news, does anybody want to buy a magazine subscription to send the high school band to Japan? Oy!


8 thoughts on “Taking the FUN out of fundraising

  1. Yeah. That’s not right. And if it were me? I probably wouldn’t be writing that $100 check either.

    Incidentally (or maybe not) – is this asking for money for a non-profit, in which case it’s tax deductible?

  2. Just when ya thought you’de heard it all………. Of ‘course’ that’s an insane request to make to the kids. I see the need for “a letter to the school board” – my daughter’s VB fundraiser came out the second week of school and at least the $25.00 contributor received a book of worthless coupons!! But, since ya got me going…lol,, what really freaks me out is after we, the parents, pay taxes plus additional exhorbitant fees for these sports,, we’re CHARGED $12.00 EACH TIME WE ATTEND A GAME TO WATCH THE KID PLAY………… huh??

  3. I just recycled the wrapping paper fundraiser garbage. And now the school pictures are a school fund raiser? How so? What percentage of my money for pictures I don’t need is going to the school? It does not tell me. Why not just tell me what you need for the school year, divide it by the # of students of the school and hand me a bill. That would be money better spent (and tax deductible) without buying some overpriced crap I do not need or want? Sigh. It’s hard to be a fund raiser and rec these things.

  4. That’s a terrible fundraiser. The school I work at sells magazines through QSP and holds a gala each year. That’s it. That’s what covers their expenses. That, and tuition, because it’s a pricy + prestigious private school. These kids are not the sort that go door to door hawking wrapping paper and tins of popcorn.

  5. I hate fundraising. But seriously? Something for nothing? I actually said no to the Scouts when they came door to door because it was 5 euros for a dinky impractical calendar. I know that sounds heartless but most donations here are 1 or 2 euros. The French are even more broke than the Americans. I give freely for charities, but I think in fundraising, you need something in return.

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