A good scan and a winter wonderland!

Red Lodge Mountain Resort, looking at the Pali...

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I only have a few minutes to write because my children are all home.

Yes, we have a snow day in Montana!! Who knew that was possible?? I guess when you get 15 inches of snow in 36 hours, it’s hard to keep up with. Did I mention it’s still snowing?

We somehow managed to get to my CT results appt despite cars stuck on every street here today. The plows can’t seem to keep up. It was worth the hassle though because the Nexavar is still working! Could you hear me exhale from there? I hadn’t realized I’ve been holding my breath the last 10 days or so until I finally relaxed and let it out.

Judging from the headache and sore teeth, I’ve also been clenching my jaw.

I’m off to go sledding now so you all enjoy your day!!

I know I will 🙂


6 thoughts on “A good scan and a winter wonderland!

  1. Yeah for you!!!!! And Yeah for Our Lady of Guadalupe ~ her flame was working again!! Seriously, I am hugely relieved and enormously happy for you.

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