Good cop, Bad cop

If you had been in the car with SG and me yesterday, you would have heard the following sentence uttered with great conviction:

“I really think it’s time the girls graduate, move out and get on with their lives.”

Mostly likely you will assume that I am the one who said that. The one who, after 2 too many snow days had begun to lose my mind. To regret the decision not eat our young.

You would be wrong.

It was SG – aka Mr Wonderful. The favored parent. The one who loves all things child related. The one who creates projects at will and treasures every freaking waking second with the fruit of his loins.

HE is the one ready for them to grow up and move out.

I am the one who laughed at his obvious pain when I broke it to him that our youngest is still in elementary school and will be with us for some time yet.

It gives me great pleasure to hear him say things like that and know that sometimes, just sometimes, I am the nice parent!


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