This is NOT my favorite “first”

D1 just left town. Without me. Without any of us.

She’ll be in a hotel with lord knows how many other kids and very few chaperones the next two nights. She’s had sleepovers with friends over the years but she’s never hung out in a hotel 200 miles from Mama! I don’t like it.

The good news is she’s in my hometown no more than a mile from my parents’ house should she need anything. She’s got grandma on speed dial 3.

She plays oboe in the city youth symphony and it’s what she loves more than anything else. They’re at a state orchestra festival and will be rehearsing hours each day before nightly concerts. She’s going to be over scheduled and have so much fun that I doubt she’ll be ready to come back.

I was a teen once, I can appreciate how much fun she’ll have.  I’m happy for her but I also know how teens act in hotels. I’ve been there, done that and am just grateful it was before cell phone cams and facebook. She’s a good kid and I trust her but damn, is she really at this point in life already? How did we get from first teeth and first steps to first nights in a hotel without me?

It’s only a tiny glimpse into the independence she’ll soon have in huge quantities – and it’s a small warm-up for me before she leaves me for an even bigger trip. Spring 2013 she’s going to Japan with her highschool band for a week.

I’ll let you know when you need to start talking me down from that one!


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