Orchestra festival Day 1 – Mom I’m sick

You know how your daughter goes away for an orchestra festival and you think she’s all grown up and doesn’t need you anymore?  No? Well picture it. Or read the post below this one.

This morning at 6:48am (as opposed to this morning at 6:48PM), I get this text from my beloved first-born:

Day 1: lost my voice. Took 3 ibuprofen. Now I can whisper. Apple juice just stung. I can sorta talk though.

It was inevitable since both her sisters were home sick from school last week. Luckily for me they alternated days so I never had to be alone. All freaking week. But I digress.

Anyway, I texted back and told her to eat something or that many ibuprofen would hurt her stomach. Because I care.  Actually I think the first thing I said was “if you get worse call grandma and she’ll come get you”. Then I nagged her about taking too many ibuprofen.

The point is, she still needs me and texted me because she doesn’t feel good!!

And also, how in the world did her roommates get her to get out of bed at 6:48? Can they come live with us and be her alarm clock on a daily basis?

What is it about being sick that makes you want mom? No matter how old you are, being taken care of or just getting a little sympathy from mom makes you feel better.

This is reason #679 why I won’t let this cancer get me!!


5 thoughts on “Orchestra festival Day 1 – Mom I’m sick

  1. This made me smile, simply because even tho I am 48, when I feel sick, I still call my mom just to say in a VERY whiney voice (that I’ve shared with her since I was able to speak), “I don’t feel good.” Why it makes me feel better to do that ~ I have no idea. It just does. Keep fighting!

    • I do the same thing! Not long after my 1st surgery, SG had a meeting near my parents so they took me and the girls home with them. I spent the weekend in the recliner with a blanket and it was bliss!

  2. Yes – don’t let cancer get you.

    I love that even the big ones need mom when they are sick, not that mine are all that big yet, but there’s hope I won’t be left entirely in the dust.

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