She’s so much smarter than I ever was….or will be.

Yesterday I was driving D1 home from school and she started telling me about Valentine’s Day – the high school version:

Mom, you wouldn’t believe it at school right now, it’s crazy!

Why? What’s going on?

Every single club, and I mean EVERY. SINGLE. ONE, is trying to make money off the whole Valentine’s Day scam thing!

Scam thing??

Yeah, every corner you turn has some table set up trying to sell chocolates or flowers. They’re even offering lunch-for-two in the cafeteria. They actually wait on you and of course you have to do it because if you don’t and somebody else does it’s going to make you look bad. It’s like they’re all competing for your Valentine guilt money!

You’re pretty smart, you know that?

I got it from Dad.

Of course you did.

M and I have to go around and get signatures for Amnesty International. If they sign the petition, they get a free chocolate. Even that’s pretty sneaky don’t you think?

It kind of is. So, did you send anything to anybody?

Yeah, the Latin club had these amazing chocolates. They were 8 for $2. They’ll be delivered to ME second period? I wanted some so why should I wait for somebody else to do it?

Like I said my friends – sooo much smarter than me! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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