Diagnosis week 2012

Diagnosis Week should in no way be confused with Spring Break Week 2012.

There will be no topless pics because well, ewww! There will be no Annie Gone Wild videos because quite frankly I lack the energy and again, ewww!

This week perfectly lines up with Diagnosis Week 2006 – Valentine’s Day was a Tuesday, my tumor blew up on Thursday the 16th, I was told I had metastatic cancer on Sunday the 19th and well, you get the picture.

So this one is messing with my head a little. I skipped the elementary school Valentine’s Party because I just didn’t feel like flashing back to running out of energy mid party and having to sit down like 6 yrs ago. I’ve tried to change things up a bit.

Last night, instead of sitting on the couch with a heating pad on my stomach, I played Bunco and drank wine. It was an improvement.

This morning, the dreaded body part exploding Thursday, instead of laying on the floor in the hallway in pain, I ran some errands. I bought a coffee and watched Survivor. Hey, I watched “Survivor” – get it? I just realized how appropriate that was. I’m witty even when I don’t know it.

Tomorrow, since I have no recollection AT ALL of what I did on the Friday 6 years ago except stay in bed and be moderately dead, I think I’ll go for a long long long walk. Because I can.

Saturday night, instead of going to the ER and having surgery, I think I’ll hang out at home. Again, because I can.

The rest of the weekend I think I’ll wing it. My parents are talking about coming over Monday to see the girls since they have President’s Day off. I’m sure that’ll be an improvement from when they came over on the 19th 6 yrs ago. I was in the ICU and they picked up the girls from their night at the neighbor’s while I was in surgery. Last time they had tears and a dying daughter.  This time I’m thinking frozen yogurt and TJ Maxx.

Life tends to come full circle and this week I get my do-over. No exploding body parts, no 50/30 blood pressure and no surgeries. Yes, I will probably feel crappy from the Nexavar but maybe that’ll remind how far I’ve come. If I start to forget, I’ll go back and read my post from this time last year. That one always brings it home for me.

Who knows, maybe there will be a little Cancer Patients Gone Wild – but there won’t be videos.

Six years and counting. It feels good.


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