Kitten mom

It would appear daughter #2 would like me to lower or delete any and all expectations I have for her academically.

If a Tiger Mom pushes her children, she would like me to go in the exact opposite direction. So what would that make me? Kitten mom? Tiny rodent mom? Webkinz mom?

She brought home a letter from her teacher yesterday telling us she’d been placed in an advanced math class for next year. Fantastic news, right?!

She handed it to me with a smile on her face, seemingly so proud of herself. She’s struggled at times over the years, mostly because she lacks confidence in her abilities and has a bit of test anxiety. So yay!! Advanced math class based on her performance this year and placement testing! Wahoo!

Being the multi-tasking scanner that I am, I skipped right to the bottom of the page where I noticed a parent signature was required. As I grabbed a pen, she yelled “Wait! Mom, what box did you check?”

Box? Ok, maybe I should go back and actually read it.

Section with great news? Check

Section with guidelines/expectations for students placed in this class? Check

Box where I decline placement and opt for regular class? Wait, what?

It turns out we were given 2 options:

Option #1 – Yes, I would like my child to participate in the 7th grade advanced math class.

Option #2 – No, I would prefer my child be placed in Course 2, the regular 7th grade math curriculum.


Guess which one she wants? Guess which box we’re going to check?

If you guessed that they aren’t the same, you’d be correct.

Why would I do that? SG is a scientist at the university level and sees first hand how weak the math skills of the incoming students are. Hell, the math skills of some of the grad students aren’t much better.

THIS is the age to finely hone those skills and give her the base she needs later on. Like he soooooo often says, math is everywhere. We battled the principal with D3’s 2nd grade teacher to give her the opportunity to walk up a grade to math class each day. We’re currently trying to work out details of her doing middle school math the last year of elementary school.

D2 knows this. So why the heck would she think we’d say, “it’s ok honey, we’ll let you do math below your skill level”?

I’m thinking they’ll place her in a lower level logic course.

Despite the lapse in judgement, can I just say how proud we are of her? She’s come a long way from our shy little girl who wouldn’t speak up and cried every day of 1st grade.

We know she can do it and I think, she does too. It’s the convincing that’s going to take some work.


Checking in

Hi – I’m not sure what has happened to my will to post these last months. I think I started off fairly strong early on in the process of building this blog but then I somehow just lost interest. If any of you are still checking in, I apologize.

I do have an update. I had a scan last week and after 25 months on Nexavar, it’s still working. YAY! I had a bad feeling about this scan because I just felt “different”. I’m not sure how or why but something has felt off. I’m now assuming it’s my newly acquired extra abdominal fat adding pressure. Or maybe it’s the cyst on my one remaining ovary (TMI, I know). Yes, I will call today to get that checked.

Anyway, I’m doing well and will now make shedding a few pounds my newest priority. I got a GPS watch for Mother’s Day and it was perfect timing because the cost of it guilts me into walking. No, it wasn’t my family trying to tell me something – I asked for it.

In other news, I seemed to have gained a reputation for being that mom who bakes. I was making cookies the other day while D1 had a friend over. She was sitting at the counter watching and then looked up at me and said, “You know, I’ve admired your work for years but have never actually seen you in action.”

Two days later, D3 was across the street visiting some school friends who had a lemonade stand. Apparently it was pretty gross so she came over to see if we had any mix they could add to give it some flavor. As she was walking away, one of her friends yelled “Any chance you guys have a cake or anything over there?”.

Luckily I had strawberry-rhubarb bars cooling so she took some back with her. They went over well.

I’ve always had that feeling I was just that mom who stayed home and did nothing so it was good to know I’ve built a reputation for something other than that!