Checking in

Hi – I’m not sure what has happened to my will to post these last months. I think I started off fairly strong early on in the process of building this blog but then I somehow just lost interest. If any of you are still checking in, I apologize.

I do have an update. I had a scan last week and after 25 months on Nexavar, it’s still working. YAY! I had a bad feeling about this scan because I just felt “different”. I’m not sure how or why but something has felt off. I’m now assuming it’s my newly acquired extra abdominal fat adding pressure. Or maybe it’s the cyst on my one remaining ovary (TMI, I know). Yes, I will call today to get that checked.

Anyway, I’m doing well and will now make shedding a few pounds my newest priority. I got a GPS watch for Mother’s Day and it was perfect timing because the cost of it guilts me into walking. No, it wasn’t my family trying to tell me something – I asked for it.

In other news, I seemed to have gained a reputation for being that mom who bakes. I was making cookies the other day while D1 had a friend over. She was sitting at the counter watching and then looked up at me and said, “You know, I’ve admired your work for years but have never actually seen you in action.”

Two days later, D3 was across the street visiting some school friends who had a lemonade stand. Apparently it was pretty gross so she came over to see if we had any mix they could add to give it some flavor. As she was walking away, one of her friends yelled “Any chance you guys have a cake or anything over there?”.

Luckily I had strawberry-rhubarb bars cooling so she took some back with her. They went over well.

I’ve always had that feeling I was just that mom who stayed home and did nothing so it was good to know I’ve built a reputation for something other than that!



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