An educational tour

In honor of my friend Marinka’s inpending trip to Montana, I’m reposting this as a refresher. I think she’ll find these tips handy!


SG and I escaped the kiddos for a couple of days over spring break. One of the days we spent at Mammoth Hot Springs just inside the north entrance to Yellowstone.

I learned a couple of things that I’d like to share with you.

The 1st:

You think?

Sadly, so many park visitors have decided it would be fun to stick their fingers in hot pools, that there is now a need for a sign like that. Kind of sad really.

Oh, and in case you think the thermal features double as playground equipment, I give you this, in several languages:

Kind of gives new meaning to the phrase “blowing smoke up your ass”. I especially like the guy with the stylish man purse and the woman pointing at the soon to be boiled child. Again, hot water will scald.

My new dream job? Drawing obvious signs for tourists.

My last discovery? When you’re as tough as this guy, you can get away with any hairdo you want. Even a cool windblown faux hawk sort of thing. Justin Bieber wishes he had hair like this!

Lest you think I snapped this shot from anywhere other than the safety of the car, I leave you with one parting thought from the handy-dandy rear view mirror hanger they gave us at the entrance:

It’s not a petting zoo people!