Baby steps

In the war against cancer there are baby steps – small victories that make you say DAMN RIGHT! I had one of those moments on Saturday.

As you know, because I’ve bitched about it at length, I lost most of my hair when I started Nexavar. Before that, the Sutent turned any new growth almost white.

All my life I’ve had a ridiculous amount of long red hair and then suddenly I didn’t and I realized how much I identified myself by that one attribute.

Honestly, I’ve been more self conscious than I think I’ve ever been. It hit a low point when D2’s band director asked me where she got her red hair. All I wanted to say was “she got it from me you blind asshole”, but I didn’t. Because I’m a good girl.

Then last spring I was sitting with SG outside his office and a couple we’ve known for years, but haven’t seen for almost 2, walked by and didn’t recognize me when I spoke. I told SG that and he said “no, of course they recognized you, they’ve known you 20 years”.

But moments later they came back and looked again and said “Oh my gosh, we didn’t recognize you! You changed your hair!” You think??

They laughed and said they were going to call SG and ask who the woman was with the short blond curls. Really? Short blond curls? Yeah, I don’t know anybody like that.

So now the good news. It’s slowly been getting a little darker. Yes, most mornings I look like Gene Wilder but there may be hope.

Anyway, Saturday we had a garage sale to fundraise for D1’s band trip to Chicago and late in the day D’s 2 & 3 came running in to tell me the “great news”. They know me well. It turns out there was a woman outside talking to my mom and the girls and when I came in the house, she said to D2, “Was that your mom? You’re so lucky to have gotten her beautiful red hair”.


And she was talking about me!!

Baby steps.


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