The other day I posted a quick note about the loss of a friend and I didn’t do her justice – I probably still won’t be able to.

At the time I was in the middle of a million different kid things but I didn’t want Jenny to go unmentioned. She’d been commenting here for quite some time and I didn’t know how many of you (if any of you are still here) knew her.

I think I first met Jenny when I commented on her post on Mothers with Cancer. You know how it goes, I left a comment, she came over here and left a comment and our friendship was born. Although if I remember correctly, she said something about feeling like we’d be great “fiends”. It carried over onto Facebook where we finally got to put faces to names, share pictures of family and play a million Words With Friends games.

She had Inflammatory Breast Cancer which has only a 50% survival rate at 5 years. Jenny fought the good fight but a few weeks before she passed away, she made the decision to stop treatment. In the end she chose quality of life over quantity and I admired her courage more than I can describe. She died sooner than she’d expected but she did it on HER terms with her family surrounding her and sending on her way with love and their blessings.

Her oldest daughter has done a spectacular job with a couple of last posts. Things that Jenny wanted to share with her readers but simply ran out of time to write. She also posted about Jenny’s last days. It is heart wrenching but stunningly beautiful. A tribute to her grace and strength!

I’ll let you go over there and read about her – in her words and her daughter’s.

She was more than another blogger, she was a dear friend and support system for so many others across the world. She was in New Zealand but she made everyone feel like she was someone you met with regularly for coffee.

I’ll miss our chats but will always carry her with me – her example won’t be forgotten. When I’m facing what she did, I’ll look to her for the courage to go on my terms while giving nothing less than my all to the people I’ll leave behind.

Good-bye my friend – you did it well!


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