Hey Mikey, I like them!

School started today for my youngest two. It’s freshman only today at the high school so D1, who is a sophomore this year, is still home one more day but she’s asleep and it feels like it’s just me and the dogs.

Usually I put the girls on the bus, pour myself some coffee, put my feet up and rejoice but today I’m not there.  It turns out I didn’t want them to go. Weird right? I completely baffled.

Somewhere along the way this summer we went from “OMG, when are you going back to school?” (on around day 4) to “Wow, you guys kind of rock!”

They’ve gone from little girls I take care of to young ladies, if you’ll forgive the term from the 1800’s, who are great company. On days like this I am so thankful to have gotten to be here to see it.

Sure there were times they were arguing, as sisters do, and I wanted to send them to Grandma’s for a month or two but the days I wanted to keep them seemed to outnumber the others by far.

We’ve raised some pretty awesome people!!

I’m not saying I’ve never liked or enjoyed time with my children, you all know they’re my life, but I am saying our relationship had evolved. I’m no longer just that caregiver who gets tired. We look out for each other. Maybe it’s always been that way but something is different.

I realize I’m making little sense. Like I said, I’m baffled. Thank you for humoring me.

I don’t know how long this will last. I’m sure I’ll get used to the quiet soon and be back to enjoying my time alone but for now I’m tempted to go wake D1 and make her talk to me.

I’m sure that’ll go over well.





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