Look Ma! I’m still alive!

Holy crapazoid! Have I really not posted in 4 months? I’d apologize but based on my site stats, nobody was checking in any way. Ha!

I’m not sure why today feels like an update day but it does, so there.

Can I use the fact that my right arm has been in a cast since early November as an excuse for not writing or should I fess up and simply admit I haven’t had an original thought in ages?

I must have news of some sort other than the fact that my charming Elvis Doppelganger hand surgeon decided not to do surgery on my torn scapholunate ligament (say that 3 times fast, I dare ya).  Given that I’d have to go off my life saving drugs to perform a surgery that may or may not decrease my pain and increase my range of motion, I’m good with that decision. And might I add, a surgeon who avoids the operating room unless it’s absolutely necessary is my new favorite kind? I love my Elvis doc!

Oh, I do have news! I walked a full marathon in October and finished it with energy to spare – D1 by my side! We sort of rocked. Granted I was able to go off Nexavar for 4 days while I did it – oncologist approved hiatus – so I had more energy and less foot pain. Always two key components of a successful marathon. At least in my opinion. We had so much fun and I was finally the mom she wanted for a few days! Now that we’re not training and she’s back in full highschool/teenager mode, I miss her!

I have a scan coming up on Tuesday which feels a little huge again. I think my lack of energy and overall general feeling gross lately is mostly due to the fact that I got back from the marathon and sat down. And I’m still sitting. Except when I’m eating. Yeah, that could be it. I’m sure it is but it’s always nice to get that confirmation that all is well every 4 months.

There have been a couple hard deaths on the GIST support site lately. One woman hit especially hard. She was diagnosed when her youngest was 7 days old. The cyst they saw on her ultrasounds turned out to be cancer. She had a rare GIST mutation but was able to stay strong and battle it for 10 years! A couple of weeks ago she simply ran out of treatment options. The good news is she got to spend 10 extra years with her 2 daughters but the bad news, as always, is that 10 years isn’t nearly enough.

When I was first diagnosed, I searched out any other moms I could find that were facing this disease. Her grace and strength was encouraging to me in my quest to find my way as a new cancer patient mom. I will miss reading her updates and her constant encouragement of others on the board. My heart breaks at the pain her family must be going through. Her daughters were about the same age as D2 and D3.

As I approach my 7 year cancerversary next month, I remember what an amazing support all of you were when I told my story on my 5th anniversary and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I hope to check back in next week with news of another good scan.

Or maybe I’ll be back sooner. A lot feels like it’s changed around here lately but as the girls get older, I’m not sure how much of it really is mine to share. I guess I should make some sort of resolution to keep writing. My stats for last year were pitiful.

Belated Happy New Year to all of you! I’m going to see if I can find a new look for this boring old blog. We are fogged in and grey today and I need some spring!



6 thoughts on “Look Ma! I’m still alive!

  1. Finally an update! Can’t wait for your scan results. But, hey, more importantly, does your arm doctor look like the hot Elvis or the banana and peanut butter sandwich eating fat Elvis?

    • Oh, it wasn’t my mother. It was a fellow mom on the GIST support message board. But thank you. My mom, thankfully is alive and well and has a lot more energy than I do.

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