Word of the Day – Momdrenaline ©

So since I lack any sort creativity today, I’m going with a word of the day rather than a Wednesday quiz. Mostly because I’m really proud of my new word and I wanted to share it with you. (If you’ve heard it before, keep it to yourself – it’s new to me and I put the copyright thingy next to it – so there!)

Momdrenaline (mom-dren-l-in)


1) a hormone secreted by the  adrenal gland in mothers upon stimulation by the central nervous in response to stress, allowing us to keep 13 children at a birthday party in check while simultaneously cutting cake, planning dinner, writing down gifts, doing regular head counts and giving instructions to dads regarding picture-taking, cleaning up and the tracking down of stray children.  Also allows mothers the ability to wake at the sound of a gag, whimper or other unnatural disaster predicting noise.

In a sentence: “The only way I survived the weekend was a hefty dose of momdrenalin“.

Effects may be countered with a padded room, absolute silence and/or a nice glass of wine.


4 thoughts on “Word of the Day – Momdrenaline ©

  1. Great word! Yep. My adrenal glands definitely secrete this. It’s kind of like meth. Or caffeine. It just keeps you chugging right along, doesn’t it? I hope I don’t run out of it, cause I’ll fall dead asleep.

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